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General Information

The announcement pages here are used to push information to select groups of individual via My.BC Bethel Feed.  Beginning with FA 2013, individuals will be subscribed to all applicable announcements that they should see.  They will also be set up to receive a daily digest of these announcements via e-mail.  They will then be able to opt out of announcements they do not wish to see.  Students will receive announcements from Student Financial Services, Registrar and Information Technology regardless of whether the choose to opt out of them.  Faculty and Staff will receive Information Technology and HR announcements regardless if they choose to opt out of them.  All users will receive Information Technology announcements.
Select individuals have been given permissions to add announcements.   
  • Athletics - Chris Hess, Elizabeth Diaz, Erin Kinzel 
  • Marcom - Elizabeth Diaz, Erin Kinzel
  • Faculty Staff - Susan Williams, Barb Rodgers, Joye Ford, Sue Matteson, Rachel Smith, Miriam, Wertz, Katherine Debolt (for the Beacon), Jessica Taylor
    • Business Office Howard Patterson
  • Campus Life - Melissa Kaehr, Teresa Rich-Gollnick, Banitha Owens, Sandy Miller, Shawn Holtgren, Joye Ford, Rachel Smith
  • Human Resources - Cindy Kuehn
  • Information Technology - Todd Lemons,  Jacob Brubaker, Harold Rodgers, Andrea Blake
  • Registrar - Jeanne Fox
  • Student Life - Banitha Owens, Sandy Miller, Shawn Holtgren, Katherine Debolt (for the Beacon), Jessica Taylor
  • Student Financial Services - Wanda Runyon, Lori Skyrm
Marcom is subdivided into three areas - Bethel In The News, Bethel Magazine, Bethel News Releases
Campus Life is subdivided into three areas - Campus Events (Lisa Greco), Campus Store (Teresa Rich-Gollnick), Food Services (Banitha Owens, Sandy Miller)
Student Life is subdivided into two areas - Student Development, Social Events 


Determine the appropriate announcement area that should make the post and direct the information to that individual to post the announcement.  The announcement manager will select the appropriate options as to who should receive the announcement.

Required feeds

The following feeds as of August 2013 are required based on roles and individuals can not opt out of them.
  • Athletics (Required: Guests)
  • Marcom (Required: Guests - Bethel In The News, Bethel Magazine, Bethel News Releases)
  • Human Resources (Required: Faculty/Staff)
  • Information Technology
  • Registrar (Required: Advisors, Faculty, Registrar, Students)
  • Student Financial Services (Required: Students)
  • Crime Blotter (Required: Users - Crime Blotter is an announcement blog under Resources/Campus Safety)