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Calendars and Schedules
2016-2017 Academic Calendar (.pdf, 70K)
2015-16 Academic Calendar (.pdf, 67K)
Faculty Time-line & Deadlines 2015-16 (.pdf, 84K)
2015-2016 Catalog (.pdf, 1577K)
2014-2015 Catalog (.pdf, 2963K)
2013-2014 Catalog (.pdf, 2918K)
2012-2013 Catalog (.pdf, 1785K)
2011-2012 Catalog (.pdf, 3616K)
2011-12 Catalog Addition (.pdf, 187K)
Resource Documents
Advance Placement (AP) Test Policy (.pdf, 95K)
CLEP Policy (.pdf, 99K)
Composition Manual (.pdf, 1268K)
Course Sequence Report (.txt, 46K)
Professor of the Year Award - Instructions, Nomination & Evaluation Form (.pdf, 116K)
TranscriptOrderingGuide.pdf (.pdf, 108K)
2015-16 Academic Calendar (.pdf, 69K)
Room Reservation Procedure (.docx, 19K)
Test Transfer Credit (.pdf, 45K)
Transfer Credit Report (.pdf, 114K)
Transcript Request (.pdf, 385K)
Private Tutorial (.pdf, 28K)
Independent Study (.pdf, 31K)
Nontraditional Graduation Application (.pdf, 155K)
Traditional & Graduate Graduation Application (.pdf, 117K)
Internship Registration Form.docx (.docx, 81K)
Problem Resolution Examples
This section of handouts is related to examples of how to resolve issues that are coming up for multiple faculty or advisors.
Concurrent Course Requisite Registration Issue (.docx, 96K)
This document shows how registration was completed for a student who had a course and a lab that were concurrent and registration was rejected due to both courses being added at the same time.
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